PowerUp develops next generation portable hydrogen fuel cell based generators


PowerUp develops hydrogen fuel cell generators to tackle the disadvantages and pollution of diesel generators. For too long have diesel generators been the main back-up power source and they contribute to a great deal of CO2 pollution. We at PowerUp have developed a portable generator that is completely emission free and has many advantages over diesel generators - it is silent, lightweight, odorless, corrosion and shockproof. It is the perfect solution for yachts, camper vans, military applications, drones and many other markets.


Clean Energy
Mobility, transport & logistics
Other Vehicles
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

Direct and referral sales to competitive and recreational sailors. Expansion in Q3 2020 to recreational vehicle and military market.


Currently we have a 5th generation prototype. Our priority is to finalise the product and conduct field testing. Then we will deliver the first pre-orders and start with product certification and IP protection (we already have one PCT patent filed). In Q3/Q4 2019 we will start with direct sales to competitive sailors to fulfil our sales target for this year. For this we will hire a sales manager. PowerUp is also raising an investment this year.