Gelatex Technologies aims to make sustainability accessible to anyone by developing an eco-friendly leatherlike textile that is affordable and easily mass producible.


Gelatex Technologies was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing novel sustainable materials that would be accessible and affordable to anyone. The first material is a leatherlike textile that is made of only organic non-toxic substances and nanofibres of gelatin derived from low value waste of meat or leather industries. This way up to 5 times more material can be made from one animal. The technology is cost, time and energy efficient and easily scalable to mass production. Material properties are customizable and the material comes on rolls.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Industry efficiency
Industrial Automation
Materials Innovation
Nanotech, nano surfaces

Business Model

2 billion m2 of leather is produced annually worldwide but 95% is chrome-tanned causing serious pollution and health risks and there is no viable alternative yet that would be suitable for mass production. Gelatex develops a leatherlike eco-textile made of only organic non-toxic substances and gelatin. The material is chemically identical to leather but completely eco-friendly, easily mass-producible and half the price of leather. We supply gelatin from gelatin factories, produce the textile and sell it to mass fashion or furniture brands for 25€/m2.


Finish product development; set up fully automated small scale pilot production line; raise funding for that and market entry; establish agreement with 1-2 well known fashion brands for making capsule collection in 2020 and/or already present Gelatex material on a fashion show in the end of 2019.


Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca