Echofixer - Paperpulp Acoustic Panels for sound insulation and for improving sound quality and clarity.


Echofixer offers Paperpulp Acoustic Panels. Our customers are musicians and home recording artists, people that want sound insulation and need to improve sound quality and clarity. They are people who want peace of mind when at home, people who work at noisy offices and hotels that want to increase room privacy. Apart from their contemporary design, Echofixer Paperpulp Acoustic Panels are made with 100% recycled paper, they are recyclable and fully biodegradable. Echofixer Paperpulp Acoustic Panels are an affordable, light, eco-friendly solution.


Green building
Clean Industry

Business Model

Any sound can become unwanted and unpleasant. Noise and poor sound quality is affecting everyday activities both physically and mentally. This is a problem faced not just by musicians. Echofixer Acoustic Panels can be used in places where sound insulation and quality of sound is needed - in noisy offices, noisy classrooms, noisy homes and bedrooms, libraries and study rooms, in places where noise should stay out or noise should stay in.


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