Agrobomb is a biotechnological start-up developing eco-friendly microbial fertilizers for agriculture.


Agrobomb is helping agro producers to find environmentally friendly products suitable for the production and bioproduction of crops, technical and ornamental plants. We are developing microbial biofertilizers based on combination of different microorganisms with various positive effects on both plants and soil. Our first product Grow and Protect (G&P) was created to increase yields (25-30% after the 3rd use, raised resistance to plant diseases) by improving soil fertility and plant health.


Clean Industry

Business Model

The demand for clean and healthy food is growing every day. With the rising demand there already many new regulations for food production. Agrobomb’s business model is based on providing a product, which is fast, ecologically clean and easy for implementation solutions for various agricultural problems in crops production. By developing a microbial biofertilizers for crop producers, agronomists, growers and landscapers, we can help to replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides simultaneously with a bigger yield.


For 2018 we plan tests with potential customers and preparing pilot production series.


Tsvetana Licheva