To fuel or not this particular diesel delivery in the tank? To give the answer, science meets business and provides innovative and practical ultra-portable laser monitoring device, which, measures the fuel quality within seconds and provides pass/fail result.


We are Diesel Express Tester, a team that shares passion for new cleaner and safer technologies to the benefit of clients and the environment. The idea of our product came from a real business problem that farmers have – the need to verify fuel quality directly at the field. Our diesel express tester is an ultra-portable laser based monitoring device indicating whether diesel fuel is substandard.


Fueling/charging infrastructure
Urban micro farming equipment
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

Problem – There is no guarantee that the fuel meets the necessary standards. And very often substandard fuel is delivered to the end consumer at the field. Solution - device that measures the sample within seconds and provides pass/fail result. The device is battery operated, compact, requires no consumables or special training / qualification. We plan to distribute the device through direct various sales channels. The scientific methods incorporated in the tester can be sold separately themselves as a technology know-how.


To have validated functional prototype. To achieve customers’ feedback and suggestions. Further develop the business plan, incl. financial model and IPR strategy for a scalable result. To explore markets abroad - Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo.


Ekaterina Iordanova