Blue Inductive offers wireless charging systems for mobile robots and electric cars.


Blue Inductive offers a new generation of wireless charging systems with high power and exceptional efficiency (up to 95% from grid to battery proven!).


Energy storage solutions, Mobility, Transport & logistics, Robotics

Business Model

We develop and sell wireless charging systems for industrial applications (mobile robots, AGVs, forklifts, etc.). Along with our wireless chargers, we offer modern lithium battery systems (designed and produced by partner companies) and help our customers to pick the right battery technology for their application. Regarding the automotive market, we plan to cooperate with car manufacturers and OEMs in form of JDPs, licensing and sub-contracts.


In 2017 we will finish the development process of our first product (3000 Watt wireless charging system), so we can start series production in Q1/2018. We will run several pilot field tests with key customers in 2017 to test and validate our system. Furthermore we will start the development project of our second product, a wireless charging system with even more power.