aponix vertical barrel / 3D-NFT


The aponix vertical barrel system extends the de-facto standards of soil- less plant cultivation from the horizontal plane into the 3rd dimension at professional standards. Unlike the other 2D methods like NFT (nutrient film technique) and DWC (deep water culture) no fixed elements are required to set up a farming plot. Usually vertical farming operations that like to increase plant density per sqm start to erect rack structures that cause all sorts of challenges and eventually make urban micro farming too expensive and too complicated.


Urban micro farming equipment

Business Model

Currently aponix is manufacturing the parts, mainly distributing via direct sales from Heidelberg/Germany and building a company based on that activity. But aponix is looking in parallel for strong partners for a strategic investment or licensing the aponix technology for different markets/territories they already operate in successfully. Territorial exclusivity is subject to negotiation.


Increase sales from Germany. Find licensees and partners to set up sales channels in foreign markets (B2B and B2C). Show the product at major trade shows and get into consideration along with the other equipment available on the market for upcoming lighthouse urban farming projects.