prosumergy makes solar power available for tenants in apartment buildings. We install solar systems in urban environments and make sure that the generated power is consumed where it is produced. We do that by acting both as a PV project developer and a green electricity provider.


prosumergy plans PV systems optimised for on-site consumption on buildings with complex metering infrastructures, takes care – if needed – of operation and maintenance, and sells solar power directly to occupiers of the premises, whether they own the place or not. Of course, our customers are provided with energy even when the sun is not shining as we are a full-fledged micro utility.


Clean Energy

Business Model

We offer eco power that is cheaper than power from the grid. Also, we empower our customers to be true prosumers since they are provided with clean locally produced power and they know where their energy comes from: directly from their own roof. Moreover, we sell a peace-of-mind service to building owners so that they increase the value of their buildings and directly benefit from the enhanced profitability of their PV system due to on-site electricity sales. Additionally, they receive a green marketing tool and very attractive funding conditions.


We are experts for distributed energy projects, including comprehensive metering infrastructures and complex contractual arrangements, i.e. where local energy cooperatives invest in solar plants on buildings owned by third parties. What is more, we constantly broaden our focus in terms of integrated energies: We offer our services for combined heat and power units and integrate energy storage systems as well as heat pumps. Our vision is that prosumergy becomes a comprehensive service provider for distributed and integrated energy projects.