ChargeX – Modular Charging Stations for Electric Cars


The modular charging solution of ChargeX enables an affordable electrification of multiple parking lots with little installation effort. We privide operators of commercial fleets and underground parking garages a solution to roll large-scale charging infrastructure cost-efficiently and parallel to their growing Infrastructure demand.


Mobility, transport & logistics
Smart (e)mobility
Fueling/charging infrastructure

Business Model

We are developing both hard- and software to sell our modular charging solution strip to infrastructure providers, such as car park operators. The value we create for users of electric cars is a high availability of charging stations wherever they arrive. For infrastructure providers, we increase the utilization of the infrastructure while keeping the grid stable, therefore reducing the overall costs of providing sufficient charging infrastructure in the future.


In 2017, we were eble to show the proof-of-concept with a field test prototype supported by Climate-KIC. We have already convinced several large partners of our solution, such as VW and E.ON, with whom we are now working to bring the product to market in 2018. We are currently planning and setting-up production to scale-up fast in 2019.