Bringing Power To Smart Water Networks


We develop turbine systems for water pipes, which convert energy surpluses into usable power. Our vision is to reshape the way water is being distributed and controlled in water supply networks. With Pydro GmbH, we want to become the world leading power supplier for smart water networks.


Clean Energy
Management of networks, grids
Monitoring & compliance
Monitoring and Compliance

Business Model

With our modular water turbines, which supply sensors and systems within water distribution networks with power, we contribute to creating more data and automation for Smart Water Networks to combat the massive water losses. Our business model is not only designed to sell hardware, but also to benefit from the digitalization of the water infrastructure made possible by our turbines.


1. A seed investment to reach market entry. // 2. A successful test of our prototype on the test bench. // 3. Participation in an EU-wide competition:


Mulundu Sichone