Reusable Laundry Detergent System.


ReLaDe changes the concept of how laundry is done. It is the basis for the first reusable laundry detergent system in the world which is also environmentally friendly. Our novel solution chemically binds specific enzymes onto magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting enzymatic cleansing particles with magnetic functionality can be easily removed from wastewater via magnetic force, and reused in subsequent wash cycles for a defined period of time.


Clean Industry
Nanotech, nano surfaces

Business Model

ReLaDe plans to cooperate with worldwide home appliance manufacturers and license out our technology to be incorporated in their products. The implementation of this solution will give a significant added value to their products in a highly competitive and large market. Moreover, eco-friendly products are extremely well marketable. The resulting all-in-one product (Washing machine and integrated reusable detergent system) enables to meet client demand for user comfort and build up a business model with valuable client loyalty.


Ideally we would like to have found a large industry partner with whom we can cooperate the R&D on our technology and system. Including them in early development stages will greatly benefit the later commercialization of the technology. In the coming months we would also like to have built our first fully functional prototype sytem in order to perform full scale testing.