A novel approach in fighting air pollution.


More than 130 European cities do not uphold air pollution limits. Fixing this problem requires a vast amount of air quality data, which traditional solutions cannot yield. Hawa Dawa developed a new bottom-up air quality monitoring technique that provides remote, real-time & in-situ air quality data anywhere & anytime.


Climate/Environmental monitoring, Mobility, Medical technology/devices, Health services, Digitalization

Business Model

European cities invested 240 million EUR in outdated technologies to acquire air quality data in the last 2 years alone. On the other side, mediocre air quality apps were downloaded 12 million times by consumers. To fulfill the need for accurate information we provide air quality APIs and data packages to cities & municipalities & a subscription-based app for individuals.


Successful launch of first B2G project in Munich (status: contractual negotiations) Generate Munich wide air pollution heat map Start App development Refine Hardware UX Launch funding round to be concluded by Oct. 2017