Development of energy- and resource efficient agricultural production systems.


The Food & Energy Campus aims to interconnect different branches of agriculture in order to produce high quality food for the region in a resource efficient manner. We question conventional concepts of agriculture and develop new methods and technologies to ameliorate the production system. Companies with expertise in different fields of agriculture combine their knowledge for a sustainable food production.


Energy, Energy efficiency

Business Model

The Food & Energy Campus Groß-Gerau will work on different business models: 1. Food and energy production, selling the food locally, 2. Offering seminars and trainings regarding the implemented technologies and methods for sustainable food and renewable energy production, 3. Selling consultancy and project development services for other F&E locations, 4. Selling technical products (greenhouse technologies, growing system technologies and energy related technologies), and 5.Rolling out the farm concept in the frame of a Franchise-Organization.


In 2017 the company plans to develop a new prototype of Sunlight Greenhouses. The first four greenhouses will be build on the campus to establish marketing for high quality, lokal food products. A conept for investors based on different business plans shall be established.