With CAALA® architects can calculate and compare in seconds millions of building variants with regards to energy demand, CO2-emissions, investment and operational costs. Our SaaS solution assists architects in optimizing building designs in the early development phases by providing life cycle assessment on design variants considering all relevant design parameters (e.g.: heating system, wall material, etc.).


Energy efficiency, Circular economy, Digitalization

Business Model

Architects lack tools which support them in assessing the life-cycle building performance in the early design stage both from a cost and environmental perspective. As a consequence, building projects regularly exceed cost estimations and do not reach their potential environmental impact. Our goal is to supply architects with the tool needed to achieve energy and CO2-emission savings on a large scale. We sell our software as SaaS and charge a yearly fee for access to our servers.


Our main goals in 2017 are: launching our Software into the market, doing additional pilot projects, acquiring first paying customers and securing additional funding.


Sebastian Dominguez