We produce e-powered bicycle trailers for last mile logistics.


NÜWIEL is a startup from Hamburg. Our aim is to change cities by providing clean mobility solutions. Our e-powered bicycle trailer can be used with any bicycle, cargobike or electric bike. It carries its own weight and empowers a rider to move freely. NÜWIEL‘s patent pending technology makes the trailer intelligent. It knows exactly when to accelerate, decelerate and brake.


Mobility, Transport & logistics

Business Model

Over 12.000 packages are delivered only by UPS Post every minute. The more we order online, the more delivery vans will be on the roads. This will aggravate traffic congestion and increase air pollution. NÜWIEL’s e-powered bicycle trailer is a sustainable and efficient transportation solution for last mile logistics. According to a research study, delivery by bike is 50% faster than by van in densely populated cities and saves up to 85% on fuel costs. NÜWIEL plansdirect sales of the trailers in Q3. 2017.


Currently we are testing trailers with 4 pilot customers from Hamburg and Berlin (among them UPS Post and Messenger). Certification of the trailer will follow in May-June. Pre-orders and series production are planned for Q3-Q4. 2017. NÜWIEL is looking for investment opportunities to start series production.