The future of clean Boating


DAVY creates clean powertrains for boats based on hydrogen fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries. With cheap and powerful automotive components DAVY powertrains offer better performance, with unmatched operating cost and no direct emissions. The modular architecture enables applications ranging from recreational boats to passenger vessels. By changing the way boats are powered, we contribute to decarbonisation.


Energy, Energy efficiency, Energy storage solutions, Mobility, Transport & logistics, Digitalization

Business Model

DAVY develops, produces and supports powertrains which are sold to ship yards & boat manufacturers (B2B). Profit is generated by the margin of approx. 30 % on every unit sold and additional 40 % of service-related revenues.


Within the next months, we plan to accomplish the following steps: 1. Finalization of the digital prototype and the first stable version of the controller software 2. Construction of the hardware prototype 3. Testing of the prototype and demonstration to first customers and partners