Greentropia provides complete tutorials that enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. We hereby promote the use of resources at hand to generate income via self-sufficiency.


Greentropia works with do-it-yourself solutions that are affordable, low-tech and can integrate with each other towards a Circular Economy. A house built out of 90% natural materials, a toilet that saves 95% water and a washing machine that does not use electricity. In Greentropia lies the future of the resource-based economy and the DIY movement for everyone.


Circular economy

Business Model

We have schemed a complete range of intuitive tools that help inexperienced users to build their own self-sufficient lifestyle. This is our main advantage. In combination with our platform, we encourage the cooperation between industry experts of different regions with their respective solutions. Once enough solutions have been certified, we point to develop the first scalable off-grid communities around the world. Our goal is to be at the front-line against poverty thanks to online education.


2017 is the year that saw Greentropia born as an idea, a start-up and now as a registered institution. Our vision aims high for this year. We want to validate our documentation model by uploading 4 fully developed solutions in our website. The platform must be 100% functional and with other overviews of another 25 solutions in order to outsource research to active communities around the world. Finally, we look forward to start networking with experts from 4 selected countries facing different challenges by the end of this year.