Nanotubes-based Air Purification System for a Healthier Environment


NanoAirPur develops air purification devices that utilize the principles of photocatalytic degradation of organics to deliver a clean air without volatile organic compounds, bacteria and viruses, odor, NOx an SOx. Our technology solution is able to completely remove these contaminations which are decomposed on the surface of titanium dioxide nanotubes. We are able to design different products based on our technology.


Chemistry, Circular economy, Cleantech, Climate/Environmental monitoring, Health, Medical technology/devices, Nanotechnology, Smart buildings, Smart cities, Textile

Business Model

Photocatalysis can play a crucial role in indoor air treatment and is therefore already part of different air purifiers. Our greatest competitive advantage in comparison with existing air purifiers is that our active material is rigidly attached to support. Hence, no nanoparticles are released into the air during purification. We intend to enter the market by first offering consulting services about implementation of photocatalytic technology as stand-alone devices or as devices integrated into existing household appliances.


Our plan is to build a new design of our photocatalytic device and to set-up a system for testing its efficiency. We would like to establish a closer collaboration with at least one company selling home appliances or any other company interested in our technology solution. Also, our plan is to expand the team. Talks to potential new team members that will help developing our technology in the laboratory are already in progress.