Microbium is developing methods for detection of bacteria in complex industrial liquids.


Microbium d.o.o. was founded in 2015 in response to the needs of the industry, which is challenged by microbial contaminations. Due to the growing demand for tailored solutions, Microbium delivers methods for detection of bacteria in various industrial raw materials and end products. The user can react in near real time to appearing contamination so further contamination challenges and damage is under control.


Industry efficiency

Business Model

We will deliver products (protocols for detection of bacteria in raw materials) and service (trainings for proper handling/sampling of raw materials, implementing solutions for limitating the growth of bacteria in the production). Each production batch must be analyzed in order to avoid unnecessary costs. That is why the industry will use our products regularly. Training will be held immediately after the first purchase and once per year later on. Business model is B2B and our potential customer are players in processing industry.


in 2018 our main goals are: - market communication strategy (concept of new website, preparation of content marketing, selection and preparation of social media communications), - sales activities (presentation on fairs, conferences, business coaching, interviews with potential international customers), - projection of P&L and cashflow, - legal affairs (agreements with investors, buyers, IP protection), - contacting investors and - start of serial production.