Smetumet stands for creative upcycled products. From waste management examination to bags, totes, notebooks, and business gifts. Circular economy at its best!


Smetumet social enterprise is using waste as its inspiration source of material for creation of new magnificent designed products. We make useful quality upcycled products that tackle the problem of unsustainable consumption and resource use. What is more, we also deliver a service to the companies- we take their waste, e.g. advertising banners, promotional flags, advertising brochures, and remake it into useful business gifts.


Circular economy, Textile

Business Model

Waste is an increasing problem of our society. We take it and remake it to useful and quality products. Special consideration is taken in making our products well designed. All materials are locally sourced and in hands of highly qualified designers and disabled people transformed into high end products with a deep content value. This days we sell the end products to local consumers via shops or our web shop, but in near future we will expand this service to foreign markets. We scale our service by offering different businesses- service to make waste e


There are several aspect of our business that we would like to address. Foremost, we would like to perfect our production, research new technological processes and minimize the time of production and optimising the cost. Also, we would like to make new prototypes of upcycled products, so that we stay relevant and interesting for our customers. Also, we need to make catalogues of our services, so that our approaching new clients will be easier. Also, we would like to expand our network of potential business clients to whom we could present our service.