We offer a well designed and robust tiny houses on wheels with some significant self-developed solutions as automatic food production, sustainable toilet that transforms waste into energy. We are targeting people who want to be free of debts, bills and live where their heart is feeling free.


Our Institute mOBILNO to go is developing a new, more sustainable living unit which offers low operational costs, food production, waste management, nature preservation and unique modern design. We are tackling CO2 emission and climate change with a passion for research and development for new sustainable technologies. We are a highly motivated team who is working to fulfill the vision of CO2 neutral living till 2030.


Clean Energy
Waste to energy
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Green building
Smart building
Sensors and actors
Other Vehicles
Urban micro farming equipment

Business Model

We developed a modern mobile living unit houzEKO. We are selling them directly to customers. We would like to make a small eco village with renting units. houzEKO is a small living unit on wheels, which has got small amount of space and it doesn’t destroy the ground with foundations. It offers innovative waste management treatment and has got its own food production with the help of hydroponics. houzEKO is everything a person needs for a life with no worries and freedom.


We want to finish the development of tiny house on wheels and hydroponic system till the end of the year. One of the main goals right now is to make a proper customer development through which we will try to get potential customers. We are searching for investment, partners, new team members and facilities to start and grow the business.