RE-Create aims to have a direct impact on our environment through re-use of waste textile


RE-Create offers textile waste management service, and re-use of textile to create unique souvenirs. We collect industry textile waste, sort it, and design new items, which are being solid online.


Circular economy, Manufacturing, Textile

Business Model

RE-Create is selling waste management service, per 50 EUR/ton, to the big textile companies in Serbia - B2B. Problem that we are addressing is a lack of adequate waste textile treatment. Textile waste is being taken to the landfill, or to the cement kiln, for incineration. This means significant cost for the companies. Municipality of Ba?ka Palanka doesn't have an official souvenir. A hand-made textile product can mean a great improvement for tourism in Ba?ka Palanka. We will also create a web site, where every one on earth could order a hand-made,


In 2017, we aim to collect up to 1 ton of textile waste, and start online sale via web site and specialized sites for unique textile items. Our goals are: 1. Starting cooperation with one textile company. Our first goal will be to sign a contract with big textile company, regarding taking their waste. There are several big companies in our part of the country. Getting at least one of them to sign a contract is a start of the business. 2. Establishing the workshop for textile waste re-use - to reconstruct a part of the location, where a workshop can


Marko Rokvic