"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Native American proverb


CarGo GreenMobility is imagined as open source and loyalty program with the vision to reduce CO2 offset pollution in partnership with airline companies. Our mission is to provide and promote ridesharing in electric cars through gamification of each trip by using point system based on kilometers in nonpolluting cars. Our final goal is to offset CO2 pollution. The approximate savings in CO2 pollution is measured by kilometers. Every kilometer is evaluated with a specific amount of a CO2 points. At the end of service, the customer who collects these CO


Energy, Mobility

Business Model

Carbon dioxide emission represents the huge ecological problem and it is the main cause of air pollution. Due to the fact that aircraft is one of the biggest air pollutants, each airline company is spending real money on the stock market to offset their carbon footprint. Many other companies take that money for environmentally and socially responsible projects. We would take the money from that fund and use it for the green mobility project. This program will lean on strategic partnerships with airline companies which will subsidize the EV drives for the


We would like to build a solid foundation and groundwork of the worlds first loyalty program based on kilometers people make in electric cars. On top of this, we plan to build this platform using the latest smart contract blockchain technology that will calculate and validate each transaction or each "green mile" people make.