We make handmade and upcycled furniture suitable for every interior.


The name of our startup is Crafters . We are a team of two crafts women from Belgrade (Serbia). We have an NGO called \"Dve stolice i majstorice\" (Two chairs and Craftwomen). We are making wooden \"green\" furniture of modern design, as well as upcycled and recycled furniture. We want to establishing a word wide business which deals with upcycling and selling wooden furniture as well as to employ marginal social groups in the future.



Business Model

On the current market it is rare to find furniture that is made of solid wood, and if available, the prices are usually very high. On the other hand, furniture that is available is made from wood products and does not have a long-lasting battery life. We want to offer something completely new, upcycled furniture that is made of solid wood, with a guarantee of long-lasting quality. It is well know that furniture is reproduced over and over, so why not upcycle it. We want to make custom made furniture out of recycled wood and sell it online as well as comm


We are concentrating on a cleaver, strategic and successful business plan which would allow us to upgrade our production and better position us on the existing market. We are planing to bust up production, marketing and research. Our hope is to invest in a useful equipment for work and production as well as a good working space. Final goal is to build a clever web site for our products.