Sunthetic brings clean energy into your hands


Sunthetic make clean energy available for everyday use by introducing into the market new devices. The first one is a solar case charger for iPhone.



Business Model

We can’t imagine ourself without a smartphone. A powerful device that contains the most important moment of our life. But, are we sure to have the energy when we really need it? Running out of battery it's a common stress. Customer want to get rid of bulky, ugly and poor quality external power bank or battery cases, with no attention to design and environment. Based on the Erickson mobility report 2016, 240 Million smartphone users are actively looking for a solution to their phone battery. Sunthetic developed an all-in-one solution for charging smart


From product development, we want to be ready to start production of 5000 pieces. From sales activities we plan to identify to which channel to sell those pieces.


Gerardo Di Giuseppe