New irrigation system - smart and precision technology for the future of agricultural production


A.I.D. Agro Innovations and Development doo is a company founded in 2016, with goal to realize the innovative technology for subsoil and subsurface irrigation, invented by its founder and CEO. The inventor spent about 17 years developing the idea, then building and testing the system. The results obtained showed advantages, which was witnessed by multiple independent scientific institutions that monitored the results over the years.



Business Model

Need for irrigation is growing. According to FAO, about 94% of all irrigation in world is the subsurface irrigation, this includes mainly sprinkling and drip irrigation systems. These systems have water evaporating instead of being utilized by plants, creating humid environment for pathogen development. Drip irrigation systems clog often which then doesn't distribute water to plants equally and leads to higher working pressure resulting in higher costs. Our system overcomes these problems and preserves soil structure. In dry and extremely dry environme


A.I.D. Agro Innovations and Development team mainly looks to start production and sales of the product, the irrigation system. This starts with building a small production line for parts essential to build the system, refining the system. A device for installation is to be designed and manufactured. It is planned to have pilot systems set in open field and greenhouse for dissemination of the product. In 2018, we have arranged two system installations to pilot-customers.