To mitigate climate change isn't going to be easy when we're planning buildings in the future and we execute them in the past.


HOMEPOD is a tool for home designers to discover sustainable products with potential: to reduce waste, to be energy efficient and to reduce cost. We commission small distributors and license design studios to plan, buy and recycle products under the 'calories label' for product sustainability. This helps producers to access new markets and designers to reduce waste.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Smart building
Industrial Automation

Business Model

Our holistic research suggests that 90% of constructions are designed over budget. Main factors are: access to market, protectionism measures and lack of distribution channels for small companies. To fix this problem, we aggregated data from SME's and we asses them based on what materials and colors they use, to help designers discover sustainable furniture, fixtures or furnishings. Specialized design is hard to find and eco-design shows are rare and to cover our costs we provide subscriptions to design managers and we take 0.7% commission.


Target in 2017 is to be functional and into the market. At present we have 1430 registered and 117 active monthly users. By the end of the year we want to double the number. Target is to get into EUROPE and integrate at least 3 countries in HOMEPOD. After execution our signups will increase with at least 300%. In turn it will generate the brand awareness that we needed to leverage the network of distributors to designers across Europe. Our target for 2018 is have global access and save 3% in waste.