A healthy agriculture is the man's most valuable asset.


QWERTY SMART IDEAS SRL-D is developing a sustainable and non-intrusive for the nature agriculture by using traditional ways for working and treating the land. Bio products, which are healthy and tasty are developed by our Start-up. We also promote education for a healthy way of living by promoting the consumption of healthy products and involving children and young people in traditional agricultural activities.



Business Model

We have identified 2 types of problems of industrial agriculture: agriculture process and agriculture products. The problems with agriculture process are:pollution generated by chemical products and by machines involved, lower involvement of people. In case of agriculture products, problems are:High level of waste generated by the supra-production and not tasty and unhealthy products.Overall, lack of consuming education within the buyers. The solutions that we propose are:a sustainable agriculture, bio products and education for a sustainable living


For 2017, our goals are: 1.Identify and prepare the land for agriculture activity. A land on which we cultivate vegetables and a land on which we plant fruit trees. 2.Analyze of the specific needs for our clients.For this, we are targeting the contracting of a company to carry out the a field research among children from grade 1-4, parents and young people working in multinational companies. 3.Image of our company: website, logo, motto, Facebook page and posters, leaflets. 4.To promote the business within the potential clients.