Play and save Mother Earth! We address the problem of climate change through innovative educational games and game-like activities.


Climate change is not a game, but we can learn how to tackle this issue through gamification. GEA intends to address the problem of climate change through (educational) games and game-like activities: card games, board games, role-playing games or different challenges at school or company level.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

There is a high demand for innovative methods for teaching children about climate change. GEA is for children, and also for young people and anyone interested in turning into a sustainable generation of people who like to play games and also want to be involved in the climate movement. Issues as carbon footprint, water footprint, flooding, deforestation or waste management are included. The beachhead market of GEA is represented by alternative education schools, summer school programmes, educational organisations and environmentally conscious people.


Our main goals in 2017 are: developing a GEA prototype and performing pre-market trials, testing GEA in practice and contacting key partners and clients