Removal of toxic heavy metalls - Hg, Pb, Cd, Cr etc from potable and waste water


We are the team of researchers that has developed a novel nanomaterial, which attracts heavy metal ions in aqueous solutions. Material, originating from carbon, it is only ONE ATOMIC LAYER THIN and therefore has the highest possible surface area, which makes it an ideal absorbent. We invented a unique approach for the nanomaterial processing and developed a product: filter with the efficiency of more then 95% for HMs removal.


Materials Innovation

Business Model

We plan to manufacture a filtering unit - a component, that will be able to add to any simple water purification system. We focus on B2B segment with our main product. Our filters will be 100% compatible with the systems existing on the market, which will decrease significantly the “cost of change” for the customers. Our main customers are large companies – integrators, providing water cleaning solution to their customers. We plan also to provide our customers filtering units for zero cost, but then further charge their customers for the substitution of


Main targets in 2017 are validation of the product and bringing the technology to TRL 6-7. This will be done by installation of a pilot Project with the customer(s) with visualised purification process accessible freely online. We plan also to perform intense customers development and establish a contacts with identified potential customes globally.


Volodymyr Khranovskyy