Pavnext provides a safer, smarter and sustainable road pavement device that converts vehicles kinetic energy into electricity and optimizes energy consumption in real time


Pavnext is a startup that provides a solution to implement in road pavements that, without any driver action, it is able to reduce the vehicle's speed by extracting kinetic energy to the vehicle, promoting road safety in a unique way. Then, it converts this energy into electricity, which is used to supply electrical equipment in the place without any CO2 emission associated. Finally, it monitors traffic and optimizes the energy consumption of the place in real time, promoting energy efficiency.


Cleantech, Energy efficiency, Mobility, Smart cities

Business Model

Pavnext will sell and implement its solution to infrastructure managers as municipalities and motorway operators, allowing them to reduce the accidents rate and the electrical energy consumption from the grid, providing also useful information that allows them to better manage their own resources.


For 2017, we intend to close a deal to implement our first real environment pilot plant, extend our IP internationally, initiate the industrial development of our products and its certification process.