Builtrix provides affordable, simplified, and easy-to-integrate solution that helps companies uncover energy-saving opportunities using data analytics.


Builtrix is a web-based energy tracking, analyzing, and benchmarking platform designed for commercial buildings. This innovative solution saves up to 80% time of operational managers, could result in up to 10% energy savings, 10X cheaper and 20X faster to implement compared to the market-leading solutions. Our product helps organizations to achieve their sustainability goals in terms of energy efficiency.


Clean Energy
Green building
Smart building
Online/digital services/eCommerce
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

The success of every energy improvement needs regular benchmarking and assessments of energy performance. But, this process is hard, time-consuming, and complicated. We make this process easy by providing a full view, 360° visibility, on Energy consumption in Commercial buildings through data analytics.


A) Increasing customer base in Portugal B) Acquiring new customers in the growth market C) raising seed/bridge series A capital