GoParity is a crowdlending platform where citizens fund sustainable projects with real impact and competitive interest rates.


GoParity is an innovative marketplace that democratizes investment opportunities in sustainable projects where citizens get competitive investment solutions (starting with as little as 20€). At the same time, SMEs gets competitive financing to make more sustainable projects happen.


Crowd Funding

Business Model

Citizens worldwide are turning to new more democratic alternative investment models and are more likely to consider putting their money on projects with environmental, social and governance concerns, knowing exactly where their money is. Simultaneously, we have realized that many profitable projects of mid/small size fail to be implemented because traditional funding sources are not able to address them: they’re too small for project finance and too complex for retail banking. GoParity connects the dots and makes more sustainable projects happen.


In the next 4 months we will launch a new platform feature to increase liquidity for our investors, open more project campaigns and attract new investors.