BLACKbLOCK® is an hybrid solar drying system, designed to dehydrate food and agribusiness products, ensuring their conservation and adding value. Created by producers for producers, it is an intelligent system designed from the ground up to ensure a quality, automatic and low energy cost drying process.


Innovative system to dehydrate food, with the lowest installation and operational costs in the market. Intelligent system, capable of producing results with high quality standards. It is modular and can be expanded to keep pace with business growth. All the drying process can be monitored in real time and in any part of the world. Through intelligent control of drying parameters, reliable and constant results are obtained. The reduction of operational costs is dramatic, thanks to the use of the energy potential of the sun.


Clean Energy
Smart building
Food and beverage

Business Model

Value proposition for our customer: 10.000 € up to 80.000€ Estimated cost: 40% of the selling price MARKET SIZE & CHARACTERISTICS: FINAL CUSTOMER (farmers and agroindustries) INSTITUTIONAL CUSTOMER (international organizations working at countries in development)


Expand to Southern europe market: spain, italy, france, greece; enlarge technical and comercial team; aquire lab equipment


Goncalo Costa Martins