We train, design, create and implement aquaponics systems using technology that combines sustainable aquaculture with hydroponics in a unique symbiotic ecosystem that delivers fish protein and fresh and high quality produce with the least environmental footprint.


Aquaponics Iberia develops new technologies for circular economy, completely focused in designing and developing urban aquaponics systems that will deliver sustainable, fresh and pure food for European cities. Our technologies are imperative for the harmonious and sustainable development of cities, satisfying the quality and freshness of food sought by nowadays consumers and with very low water consumption.


Agriculture, Circular economy

Business Model

Cities are growing and need healthy and fresh produce and water is becoming scarce. Fish demand is increasing and the fishing industry is collapsing. Our technology allows farmers to produce healthy and local fish and greens with less 95% water consumption than conventional techniques, with no impact to the environment, no pesticides, medication nor synthetic fertilizers and no impact in fish wild stocks, due to not using fish meal to feed fish. We design and develop AQUAPONICS solutions which are the future of high quality and high tech urban farming!


Portuguese legislation restricts aquaculture, which strongly inhibits investments in sustainable aquaculture and aquaponics, which, in turn, is strongly limiting our sales. We are working quite hard and have had several meetings with the government to try to solve these issues, which don’t occur in the rest of the EU. In 2017 we expect to obtain funding and start implementing our main urban project (Fish n’ Greens), to develop our marketing, to obtain equipment that will boost our sales, to be present in industry events and, of course, increase our sales