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As a team we have always looked at offering equipment with the least power consumption and also building software in the most efficient manner, using languages which make the system more efficient and lighter on operating systems.


Agriculture, Beverages, Energy storage solutions, Facilities, Health, Health services, Manufacturing, Medical technology/devices, Mobility, Packaging, Smart buildings, Textile, Transport & logistics

Business Model

RFID presents new opportunities in many industrial applications. For example, RFID is used in supply chains in order to reduce CO2 emissions, to optimize perishable goods flow, to better control room temperatures for spoilage reduction and quality improvement, to increase pickups and deliveries efficiency, to track the recycling process of recycling the plastics used in automobiles, to improve and enhance the waste management efficiency, to improve energy production chains productivity and management.


Implementation of final project Locally by setting up a number of demo rigs as to start working at sample clients and also at our workshop. Internationalization by taking our experience and proof of concept and take it out of our country to succeed and increase in our sales and profitability.