A smart system to manage the existing public lighting grid contributed by a smart network to be built


FOS, is a smart system for the management of the public lighting. It provides a real-time, two-way flow of energy and information to all stakeholders in the grid chain, from the generation plant to the commercial,industrial, and residential end-users, enabling utilities to adapt their network capacity to electricity production.


Climate/Environmental monitoring, Energy efficiency, Smart buildings, Smart cities

Business Model

The main model for earning money would consist of the provision of a market solution for all end users (Municipalities, Public authorities, etc.) in EU on how they utilize such an application for more effective and efficient "customer" service.


FOS, is aiming to develop contacts and partnerships with international organizations (start-ups, established companies, research organizations, supporting organizations, private consultants etc.) but also with the network organizations participating in the Climate-KIC initiative.


Sofia Zafeiropoulou