Our dream is to make sea transportation -the core of the world trade - is much environmentally friendly as possible by implementing new technologies to new and existing vessels.


Our project is adapting air cavity method to new and existing vessels to lower ship and shipping emissons by reducing a vessels resistance with water. We are going to market two main products; a newly designed custom ship hull for new production and mountable air cavity devices for existing vessels.Our main market is shipyards and ship owners who needs to adapt their ships to new coming environmetal regualtions.


Cleantech, Energy efficiency, Transport & logistics

Business Model

Our business model has two types to earn money. The first of these, selling air lubricated and energy efficient ship hull design to shipyards and design offices. All newly produced ships designed to their type-purpose, payload, speed, berthing requirements, class and IMO rules. At this point, we will serve to shipyards or design offices to realize their requirements as well as a highly efficient hull form that IMO requires. Our second way of earning money is selling air lubrication product that can mountable to the bottom of the ship hull. Accor


At the end of the 2017, we would like to achieve proofing of the technology and manufacturing of the usable prototype.


Erhan Türkmen