To develop a solar water heater that will serve a multi-apartment building with individual billing to each resident in accordance to his usage.


The *Multi-User Solar Water Heater* will provide solar heated water to various residents in the apartment building. The same system will also bill automatically the individual resident in accordance to his hot water usage by means of metered supply and a specific software via the building administrator.


Energy, Energy storage solutions, Smart buildings

Business Model

The exercise is to develop the system by utilizing current available hardware to build a compact type solar water heater that can provide solar heated water to the residents of the apartment block. Most apartment block residents do not have the facility to have their own solar water heater and therefore this system will provide a green solution for such residents. System will be low maintenance and simple to operate to facilitate its use more easily.


The target exercie for this year is to design an adequate system to be able to operate in a reliable and efficient way and to serve its purpose with least of intervention and care. A dedicate software will also start to be developed to combine the solar unit to a billing station as part of the building administration for ease of operation