PurOceans cleans up waterbody\'s floor from oil, microplastic and chemical sediments without mechanical interventions, without lifting soil/water, without causing any damage to the water ecosystem.


We are a startup, est. 2019, based in Riga(Latvia), with break-through technology that able to clean up waterbody’s floor from oil, microplastic and chemical sediments without using any bio/chemical substances, without any mechanical intervention or lifting of soil, without using electric impulses, or other nowaday\'s methods, that one way, or another, harm flora and fauna.



Business Model

Our business model -> PurOceans company as a service provider for water cleaning companies, ports, etc. The cost of the service is based on territory and the project complexity, estimation is 60-70K euros per hectare.


1. Field client in Europe to be signed up and pilot conducted 2. Financial and Business Plan is clearly defined 3. Next investment round (400k EUR) is raised for extending the technology to 100-200 meters for offshore purposes


Alona Stepanova