3D printed houses from recycled concrete.


EKOTEKT is building houses using large scale 3D construction printers and recycled concrete. With EKOTEKT it's much faster and easier to create a house with complex shapes without being expensive. Our customers get a green, fully customised house to suit their lifestyle.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Green building
Industrial Automation
Materials Innovation
Online/digital services/eCommerce

Business Model

Most used building material 'cement' is responsible for 8% of total global emission. EKOTEKT creates a significant positive environmental impact by partially replacing cement with industrial wastes such as steel slag and fly ash. With 3D construction printers, we reduce 80% of labour requirement resulting in faster and inexpensive construction.


To print a 3D printed house and demonstrate to potential customers and investors. By the end of 2020, we will offer 3D construction services in North Europe.


Abhishek Kumar Devjibhai