www.shapelamp.com™ is a web based app that allows users to customize and purchase sustainable light fittings online.


www.shapelamp.com - Off the shelf light fittings are not expensive to buy, but are mass-produced and lack that personalized touch that makes any product the more desirable. With the introduction of Rapid Prototyping Technology, mass customisation is just as cost effective as mass production. The online platform allows users to modify the shape and form of the light fitting and the back-end algorithm prepares the files for laser cutting, milling or 3d printing. Each job can be fundamentally different from the previous, in shape, size and form.


Green building
Industrial Automation

Business Model

The online platform is intended to lend a sense of ownership to the light fitting. The user-friendliness provides an opportunity for children to design and build their own light fittings hence lending a sense of empowerment at an early age. If they are designing and building light fittings at seven years of age, what will they be designing at the age of twenty-five? Above all, the concept is distributing energy efficient lighting to the masses, thus reducing extensively the carbon footprint related to lighting.


In 2017 we would like to have developed our back end algorithm, finalise our online platform and develop further our bank end procedures.