Woola produces sustainable packaging out of sheep wool reducing e-commerce waste.


Woola produces packaging made of sheep wool - a miracle material that is otherwise largely discarded. In addition to having all the basic functions of other widely used packaging materials, it is also temperature-resistant and compostable.


Clean Industry

Business Model

E-commerce is a worldwide business that produces unrecycled waste. Kilometers of bubble wrap end up in land fill every single day. Woola offers an alternative that not only looks cool but is also compostable, temperature- and moisture-resistant. All of that thanks to a miracle material it is made of - sheep wool. Woola takes advantage of the fact that a huge amout of sheep wool gets thrown away every year (150 tonnes in Estonia only). We take someone's waste and turn it into a product that eliminates other waste.


In 2020 we are planning to establish our own production facility.


Jevgeni Širai