Ag Catalytic Solutions provides an alternative, environmentally-friendly, efficient, and low-cost Ships' Ballast Water treatment system based on silver supported catalysts.


Ag Catalytic Solutions developed an alternative, eco-friendly, low-cost and highly efficient technology for the treatment of ships' Ballast Water, in order to comply with 2004 IMO convention. It is about a plug and play construction containing silver supported catalyst, that could be placed in any ballast tank of any ship. Our technology doen not require any drydock time or any other facilities/installation on board.


Clean Energy
Air, water & environment
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Nanotech, nano surfaces

Business Model

Ballast Water treatment/sterilization is achieved through the use of a specially designed construction which contains silver supported catalyst. The construction could fit in any ballast tank and is capable to treat/sterilize any water volume.


Targets for 2020: 1. Validation of our Business model  2. Development and Lunch of our startup’s website (including the product). 3. Conduct at least one pilot test in a ship’s ballast tank using the product in order to verify its efficiency under real-life conditions, while at the same time decide if any other changes should be made regarding the catalyst (product) and the construction, towards the optimization of the whole system.


Stathis Theofilou