Fornelia Ltd produces and sells high efficiency solar ovens.


Forlnelia Ltd is a Cyprus based company founded in 2015. Our main products are high efficiency solar ovens. Using parabolic through mirrors, proprietary aluminium profiles and high-quality materials we offer a portable mini model for up to 8 persons, and a maxi XXL model for up to 50 persons. We are also working on a new model using special oil for heat transfer and storage with very promising results. .


Thermal Storage

Business Model

Unlike our competitors, Fornelia ovens take the same time to cook a meal as a conventional oven, our ovens are shielded and need minimal radiation, so they can be used in colder areas. We address the retail market, through an online shop as well as local distributors, and the wholesale market in different countries through local agents and assembly lines.


Using the new machines for the production will give us the possibility not only to increase our production time-wise but also reduce the waste of material. Also, will give us the freedom from being depended from subcontractors, sometime causing very big delays to purchase parts or services. The manufacturing cost will be reduced and that will give us the possibility of better margin and more viable products. The certification will give us the possibility to access bigger markets demanding special specs.


Savvas Hadjixenophontos