Food traceability and smart logistics to reduce Food Waste and CO2e.


VeeMee is the first Croatian digital platform in the agricultural and trading sector which enables consumers to find out all about the origin of the products they buy. By scanning the QR code of the product, every consumer equipped with a smartphone can access relevant information about the origin of the product, its manufacturer, certificates, capacities and distributors, hosted on our platform.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Mobility, transport & logistics
Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Our platform and labelling solution empowers value proposition and credibility of our clients: farmers, food producers and distributors, making them more competitive, recognizable, trustworthy and safe in consumers’ eyes. Our logistics services reduce our clients’ costs through our short time reaction and cross-client coordination of transport, warehousing and re-labelling, thus saving food from returns and waste. Our revenues originate from platform subscriptions and delivered services.


Business plan – finish complete business plan with 8 categories and 45 subcategories Marketing - developing consciousness about the food we eat where it come from and how it is a part of food waste footprint Food traceability - cover traceability on 500 tons of food on market Food waste – reduce and prevent Food Waste by 60 t of goods