Nuotwo - an indoor smart panel that turns buildings into carbon sinks through CO2 & CH4 capture. We turn a problem into a business opportunity, while helping save our planet.


Nuotwo is a hardware startup: an indoor, wall mounted active panel that absorbs CO2 and turns it into O2 and biomass. Thus, it reduces the user's expenses by lowering heating & cooling costs, while creating revenue by producing biomass. It can also be used to absorb CH4, and turn it into a market viable byproduct. Nuotwo helps in pandemics by reducing pathogens in the air through its sterilization features.


Green building
Smart building
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency

Business Model

Our business model is a B2B partnership, or in biology – an ecosystem. By installing our panels in their office buildings, our partners receive lower expenses and a nice image at 0 additional cost. We collect the biomass from the installed panels, and put it on the market. For a 3000€ worth of installed panels (turnkey service), we generate an income of 6000€/yr.


Our goals for 2020 will be aimed at these points: -successful inoculation and development of 1 initial culture batch in vitro -successful inoculation and development of 1 initial culture batch „in vivo“ -bring our proof of concept project to end -alpha-prototype disassembly and analysis, followed by beta-prototype design and manufacturing -further IP protection -early business development -field testing through pilot-projects with first movers -find early adopters and launching customers -set our network of development partners, and our business