Sales of own products that is raw material-extract after processing seawater rich in polymetallic minerals/cleaning of tailings ponds. The benefits that the company's customers can get from the product/services is adding value and reducing their costs.


Plam Energy offers an innovative model of management and sustainable development of the life cycle of polymetallic minerals for the economy with an ecological approach to the extraction of minerals from waters of seas, oceans, and rivers. Our "Technology for the generation of Brown’s Gas (HHO) and extraction of polymetallic minerals from seawater" is a multifunctional solution and a healthy alternative for life.


Clean Energy
Waste to energy
Air, water & environment
Circular economy / waste mgmt.
Clean Industry
Industry efficiency

Business Model

In the first stage of technology development, we developed a prototype (MVP) of the “Mineral extraction unit” for deriving of ferrous, non-ferrous, rare metals from seawater to the level of recovery of Brown's gas. The raw materials produced with the production capacity are Brown's gas, polymetallic minerals and oxygen (O2). With the installation in the first stage, we get Brown gas, which if not included in the process of the "Regenerative unit" - the second stage, our technology is able to produce and enrich the air with oxygen (O2).


The most important thing in a company's business is to create sustainability. To this aim, the company needs solid financing and a special and careful attitude in the allocation of resources.The company prepares a business platform and an Investbook about it. Other important factors for the company are the social orientation of the business and its impact on the environment. Plam Energy JSC wants to add additional features to the technology and develops the next two steps of development and therefore it needs financial resources.


Tsveta Kirilova