AirLief Mission is to prevent diseases caused by air pollution and to improve the lives of all people living in environments with poor air quality.


AirLief mask is a state-of-the-art protective face mask against polluted air. The mask’s interchangeable filters were created to safeguard not only against fine particles but also pollen, viruses, bacteria and larger particles of dust. AirLief also developed an app that shows how at-the-moment air pollution affects health on a personal level and provides actionable protection recommendations.


Artificial intelligence

Business Model

Production and B2B. Production and selling mask to vendors (mostly bike shops and fashion). B2C Ecommerce. Sell to end customers the masks that we produce. So far 90% of the masks are sold in our online shop. AirLief plans to make scale with several online shops in each country that establishes. Answer as a service. The AirLief app is providing freemium model and will focus to use this data so it can be beneficial for pharma and insurance companies while continuing using data ethically.


Expand in the CEE markets. Develop an AI based technology for measuring personal dose of air pollution.