Innovations in waste management and agriculture trough application of circular economy and reverse logistic.


ATLAS AGRO SCIENCE presents novel solution by offering completely new product based on a waste-free technology. We use sludge from the operation of WWTPs as a resource and transform it into an ecological solution leading to more sustainable agriculture production. With ATLAS we deliver product that helps make the food system better for people's health and the environment.


Circular economy / waste mgmt.

Business Model

Our start-up targets two groups of customers: agrifood producers who require big volumes for direct application and retailers who deliver smaller packages mainly for domestic use. Company’s business model is B2B-oriented and will focus on how it saves time, money and resources to producers and users. We will use variety of distribution channels to obtain full territory coverage and ensure the stakeholders’ convenience. With bio/waste-based product such as ours we will give farmers and consumers a wider choice of product ranges and promote green innovatio


First, we would like to expand and update our production line from sample capacity to 1000L/week. Second, we want to communicate company's vision and values trough logo, packages, websites and various marketing tools. Following we will pitch deck in order to attract investors, which will help us expand, develop more products, increase market share and enter international markets.


Georgi Beev